25 year anniversaryMetro Richmond Crime Stoppers (MRCS) was formed in 1984 by a group of concerned retailers, regional Law Enforcement Officials and the support of the Retail Merchants Association. This makes MRCS one of the oldest Crime Stoppers organizations in the USA.

Crime Stoppers USA was formed slightly before 1984 by a New Mexico Police Officer and the concept spread rapidly. Today there are well over 2000 organizations nationwide. Most are called Crime Stoppers, but some are known as CrimeSolvers, CrimeLine, TIP Line and others.

The concerned citizens in the Greater Richmond area felt then, as we do today, that an organized citizenry offering rewards could make a significant contribution toward Law Enforcement's capability to arrest criminals. The concept has been recognized as being very successful.

Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers is administered by a Board of Directors. The Board is made up of 30 volunteer Directors and representatives of area Law Enforcement jurisdictions. MRCS represents the City of Richmond, Henrico County, Hanover County, Goochland County, New Kent County, Caroline County and Charles City County. Our Police Coordinator is Col. Humberto Cardounel, jr., Chief of Henrico County Police. Currently, he delegates that responsibility to Lt. C J. Maurice, who oversees the call takers , the administration of presenting reward information and other details for the consideration of the Board of Directors.

The Coordinator's responsibility specifically is to create for the Board a list of proposed rewards as case numbers only with no names, along with their justifications, from the various jurisdictions for Board approval.

The Public Relations face of the Board in Radio, TV or Print presentations is today the responsibility of Detective Derrick Longorria of the City of Richmond Police Department.

Tipsters call the 804-780-1000 tipline and are assured of their anonymity by being given an identification number. Again, no names! Approved rewards are paid out in cash by the identification number. Hence our slogan,"We don't have to know who you are to know who they are!"

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